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and 1860, 5 million immigrants came to the u.s. in 1862, the homestead act encouraged naturalizing by giving citizens title to 160 acres of land. in 1940 the alien registration act called for immigrants to get registered and fingerprinted. in 19 in52, the immigration and naturalization act pulled multiple immigration laws together under one law. >>> a developing story now from afghanistan. a senior military official says u.s. forces have found the body of the second sailor who has been missing. they have identified him as 25-year-old petty officer third class justin newlove. now, he disappeared with 30-year-old justin mcneely last friday near kabul. soldiers found mcneely dead earlier this week. the taliban claimed it killed the first sailor and had kidnapped the second one during a fire fight. nato officials have not said why the two service members were in such a dangerous part of eastern afghanistan in the first place. >>> new this morning as well, we have fresh information on a terrifying bear attack in a busy campground near yellowstone national park. one person was killed, tw
, he doesn't come into the u.s. at all, fearing arrest. he could be charged as a material witness. he will be on the "today" show via satellite, talking with merideth veieira. she asks him if he would feel responsible. >> if somebody is executed because now their name is out there, would you consider that your form of collateral damage? >> yes, that would be true. if we had, in fact, made that mistake, then, of course, that would be something that we would take very seriously. >> now, the london times says it has found dozens of names of afghans credited with providing help to the u.s. on wick can i le leaks. the website only 2,000 of the 90,000 documents have been reviewed in depth. you can catch the rest of the interview on the "today" show coming up at 7:00. >>> 6:07 right now. san francisco's bayview-hunters point neighborhood will get a facelift. city supervisors gave the approval on the redevelopment project last night. the project on the site of the former hunters point u.s. naval shipyard would add more than 10,000 living units. nearly a third would be for low-income people. b
courts. it's made up of 27 active judges, by far the largest in the u.s. the appeal will likely be heard by a panel of three judges who are randomly selected from the available judges. arizona will most likely -- will probably try to fast-track court filings and a ruling. legal experts say it could still take weeks or months to get a decision. >>> many california farm workers started their workday before the sun came up this morning and many of them will work much more than an eight-hour day. however, they will not get overtime pay. that's because governor schwarzenegger vetoed a bill that would with have made california farm workers the first in the nation to earn overtime. the governor says federal law already keeps farmworkers from working overtime. he also says increasing overtime protection in a weak economy could put a lot farmers out of business. supporters of the bill link that veto to labor practicals of the segregationist south. >>> six people injured in a deadly bus crash last week are now suing gray hound. the wreck killed six and injured nearly two dozen when the bus slammed
everything, laura with the u.s. military and when we find out more, we will tell you. >>> officials aren't the only ones looking at leaked documents about the afghan war. taliban leaders as well. a taliban spokesman says they are stud dick the 92,000 pages released by the website called wicky los angeles. they will hunt down informants named in the papers, the taliban says. the pentagon asked the fbi to join in its investigation. "the wall street journal" reports investigate verse concrete evidence that army private first class bradley manning leaked the documents to the website. >>> tomorrow will mark a year behind bars for the three uc berkeley grads detained in iran, no charges against the three. police say they crossed over the border illegally in iraq. iran says the hikers are spies but the state department and hikers' families deny those claims i. >>> 6:08 now, time to get local. usually call it friday light. . it s lakeville road, lakeville number 3 the exit closed for about 15 minutes, should be reopening any second now, as we do have an accident that was in place blocking there,
. that there have been more civilian deaths that the u.s. military would care to admit and that the country of pakistan is not a true ally in the war against terror. wheenl, the same army intelligence worker suspected of supplying wikileaks with the helicopter leak earlier this year is suspected of being the same guy who leaked these new memos. we reported bradley manning was taken into custody thanks to a northern california computer hacker. manning contacted lammo to show off, to say, look what i did with the army computer system. lammo saw that as something not to be proud of and turned him in. >> a bay area man taking his po pot-selling business on the road. matt lucero and employees delivering marijuana on the road. a judge sided with the mountain view council and shut down his business. lucero is on the november ballot in the city of mountain view. he said if elected he will support anybody who wants to open a dispensary. >> an 80-year-old man learned the really variable pot in his painting wasn't holding the flowers. the georgia man found four pounds of marijuana hidden in the frame
the war in afghanistan, the global economy, and the gulf oil spill. meanwhile u.s. lawmakers including senators barbara boxer and feinstein are demanding to know what role bp played in the freeing of the convicted lockerbie airline bomber. cameron says the decision was wrong. >> he was convicted of being the biggest mass murderer in british history. i saw no case whatsoever for releasing him from prison. >> the prime minister has also agreed to talk with senators who have tough questions about bp. >>> there is a new message on the internet from osama bin laden's number two man who mocks president obama and the war in afghanistan. he says, quote, poor obama comes to kabul and promises the taliban shall not return to power. can he promise that your boys will return safely to america? those were his words. this was his first message since march when he praised two al qaeda leaders killed in iraq. >>> today could be a day of financial relief for more than 250,000 californians. the senate will likely vote to extend federal unemployment benefits but for about 147,000 jobless workers here in
. meantime, today could be the last day on the job for bp's embattled ceo. a senior u.s. government official says tony hayward is going to be permanently replaced. he's been a pr disaster for the company. early on he said things like he wanted his life back when reporters asked him what he would say to the people who had lost their livelihoods. >>> new this morning, the u.s. and south korea are playing war games near the korean peninsula. the world's most advanced aircraft, the f-22 is at the center of this morning's military practice. the f-22 raptor can detect missiles and avoid missile sites. they practiced anti-submarine maneuvers. both militaries are preparing for defense if north korea were to attack. >>> new this morning, france is vowing revenge after an aid worker was executed by al qaeda. the leader of the north african branch says the killing was in retaliation after a botched rescue operation in the sahara to free the aid worker who was taken hostage in april. this morning, french president nicolas sarkozy stood by its rescue attempt and says the killers won't go unpunished. >>>
to international standards. u.s. department of agriculture work for standards of labeling. >>> larry ellison may be the first to remind you to dot your is and cross your ts and never let the shot clock run out. the founder may have lost the bid to owner the golden state warriors because of a clerical error. despite months of speculation that ellison waub the own area group led by venture capitalist joe lacob will take over the warriors. they paid $450 million. ellison reportedly bid even higher yet he did not get the deal. according to the firm handling the sale, the paperwork was not filed in time. ellison was not happy about that. coming in second, and in a statement, he says chris cohen decided to sell to somebody else. and in my experience, it's a bit unusual. none the less, i wish the bar yours and their fans nothing but success. >>> 6:26 right now. new toll change on the or rye horizon. >>> new city on edge as they rallied but this one is not in oakland. >>> flipping the scripts on pollution. the san francisco artist turned one well-known bay area tunnel into a work of art. this is the fir
regular season games outside of the u.s., puerto rico or canada. so halfway around the world would be a cool thing to do. >>> an update to the child care center closings we first told you about yesterday, just ahead. >>> plus, some people have a terrible end to their vacation. we'll show you why they'll need to get a n those people are happy 'cause they're gonna have a good time, and they've got extra money in their pocket. those are happy passengers. how much does it cost for those snacks again? nothing. at southwest airlines, when we have a sale, it's a sale. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has flights starting at $49 one-way. book now only at [ rand ] how can you not want to get on the plane? come on and get on the plane. we're saving you money. now that's a plane full of happy. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ] [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. nine eight seven six five four three two one. >>> good morning. time is 6:30. do you know where your money is? markets about to open. the new york stock exchange. this is the nasdaq. we always like t
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9